GNB’s advocacy is a convention of interventions that emphasis on firming the system (both formal and informal elements) at the community level, consequently empowering communities and local partners to strengthen the child protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and other forms of violence and aware woman about their rights through issue-based meetings, campaign and day observation. Advocacy braces both the protective environment for women and children, as well as improve their well-being and fulfill their rights to endure. It speaks out for children and empowering them to speak out for themselves.

Advocacy is an integral and essential part of GNB’s programming which makes a strong contribution to strengthening the vulnerable community by changing the policies, systems, practices, awareness building program, communitiesmeet and arranging seminars in the community.GNB’s advocacy program is driven by the community, including the child, Youth, and women that empowers the community and bring sustainable well-being among the vulnerable. On the way to make advocacy more effective, GNB coalition a bridge between community and higher levels of government toprovide effective services to the vulnerable groups through reducing the stigma and discrimination of children and women, improving the access of quality services, including protective, education and health,elimination of harmful practices, such as child marriage, female genital damage, sexual harassment, provide legal support, educate and empower families and children  to understand local laws, child rights, policies and practices, and legal services. Moreover, GNB helps to bring the long-lasting positive changes for the children and women.

Good Neighbors Bangladesh, advocacy is a long-term process which improves one’s lives, by building their skills and confidence, create opportunities for civil society groups to take part indecision-making, and addressing society’s norms and attitudes.

Major activities of Advocacy -

  • Child rights (child rights protection group, campaign, awareness and education sessions on child rights, day observation and networking)
  • Women rights (Social issue based meeting, campaign and day observation)

Child Rights
Women Rights