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Do you wish to see an entire underprivileged community gradually come out of the wrath of poverty? Just make a wish, and Good Neighbors Bangladesh is here to make your noble wish come true!!!

BDT 1000 (USD 12) Sponsorship Form 

The socio-economic background of all our children means they go through a sense of social deprivation since birth. This grows in manyfold as they themselves grow up. Standing beside even only one such child can bring a meaningful change in that family, which would, in turn, help them break the shackles of poverty and live a life with dignity.

We can connect you with all our 100 students, each of whom can inspire you through their vividly challenging daily-life stories and their desperate efforts for a better future! And you can inspire them by supporting at least one of our students’ monthly education cost of BDT 1000 (USD 12) through our Sponsor A Child program.




Sponsorship Expense Breakdown

Through Sponsor A Child program, any individual or organization can take financial responsibility for at least one of our children’s education.

Expense Breakdown

   Sponsorship Packages  

My child

Good Smile

Dream comes true

Maidens dream [girls project

Together [school project

Light of hope [Event campaign/out of school project

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Good Neighbors Sponsorshop Program, E-mail:, Cell phone: 01708-452091 

Bank Information: Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL) A/C Title: Good Neighbors Bangladesh – Local Sponsorship  A/C Number: 236-151-74004

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