Construction of Street/Homeless Children`s Shelter, Cox’s Bazar

1 Procurement Entity Name Good Neighbors Bangladesh

(UNICEF RER project, Cox’sbazar)

2 Invitation for Construction of Street/Homeless Children`s Shelter
3 Procurement Method Open Tendering Method (OTM)
4 Tender Opening Date 18 February 2021. (Thursday)
5 Budget and Source of Fund UNICEF-RER Project funded
6 Tender Name Construction of Street/Homeless Children`s Shelter
7 Brief Description
  1. Name of Construction: Street/Homeless Children`s Shelter -Semi Pucca House (2 Rooms) with kitchen & Toilet as per Bangladesh Government Asrayan-2 project, Prime Minister Office, Ref-51.00.0000.422.14.011.20-396, Ref 02.0000.703.14.017.19.-959, Ref-03.02.0000.702.14.667.13-1222 & Ref-03.02.0000.702.14. 0667.2013-293,

[Attached PDF file 2 directions including design]   

8 Time for Completion of work 29th March 2021
9 Tender Submission Last Date & time 23 February 2021  4:00 PM (by Email)
10 Eligibility of Tender Required eligibility and condition of the tenderer as stipulated in the Tender documents.
11 Name of Official Inviting Tender Head Office: Good Neighbors Bangladesh.
12 Address of Official Inviting tender Plot # 05, Block # A, Swadesh Shornaly Abashan, Purbanchal Express Highway, Barua, Khilkhet, Dhaka – 1229
13 Contract Details of Official inviting the Tender Cell: – +8809 613 858 585


14. GNB will award the contract to Maximum three bidders for different spots of Ramu & Sadar Upazila at Cox`s Bazar district.
15 Special Instruction
  1. The procuring entity reserve the right to accept or reject any or all tender (s) or cancel the whole process without showing any reason.
  2. This invitation is open for all eligible tenderers & no tender will be received after the deadline.
  3. Communication only made with the successful selected company.
  4. Assessment will be evaluated/ examined by Good Neighbors Bangladesh & UNICEF RER project bidding committee.
  5. Companies that wish to participate in the Tender should submit and apply to GNB with the following documentation.
  • Tender Application
  • Up-To-Date Trade License
  • Up-To-Date Income Tax Certificate
  • Up-To-Date Vat Registration Certification
  • Bank solvency certificate (minimum 50 Lac taka)
  • Previous constructions documents / List of clients (up to 2 years)
  • Company profile.
  • Experience certificate (minimum two certificates in similar contracts).
  • Copy of national ID card.
  • Contract number, email & office address.
  • Any other relevant papers
Form & Directions

BOQ of  Host Community Shelter

Tender Package and Application Form

Govt. Direction-1

Govt. Direction-2