Tender application for GNB Samsung village project ‘Renovation & Painting works’

Article 1 [Purpose)
1-1. This statement is for the purpose of “Good Neighbors Bangladesh & SAMSUNG C&T (the “GNB & SAMSUNG Village Project ” hereinafter) to describe the notes to enforce Turn-Key Base tender.

Article 2 (Tender Enlist Application)
2-1. Companies that wish to participate in the Tender should submit and apply to GNB with the following documentation.
① Tender Application (following our formats)
② Company Profile
③ Up-To-Date Trade License
④ Income Tax Certificate
⑤ Vat Registration Certification
⑥ Previous Constructions Documents (up to 3 years)

Article 3 (Tender Enlist)
3-1. The bidding companies that do not apply for Tender cannot participate in the Tender.
3-2. If you designate a proxy, he or she can participate in the Tender as a representative when submitting the Tender entry form.

Article 4 (Submission Tender Documents)
4-1. One tender application sealed by an Envelope through one person shall be submitted.
4-2. Those documents arrived at the “GNB MIRPUR-FDP office”
Address- House#207, Road#11, Block #B, Section#12, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216
via post before the day of the Tender submission deadline is in effect.

Article 5 (Validity of Competitive Tender)
5-1. Even if only one bidder will apply for the tender application, it will be acceptable as a valid tender.

Article 6 (Invalidation of Tender)
6-1. The Tender for the following is invalid.
① In case that a bidder does not bid directly.
② In case that the agent does not apply for, who are not eligible according to Article 3 Section 2 regulations,
③ In case of Tenders rigging or interfering with the other parties when participating in the competition

Article 7 (The Scope of the Renovation & Painting works)
7-1. The scope of the Renovation and Painting relevant of it are as follows:
① Number of Schools: Four Schools
② Number of floors: GF floor to Top Floor (School wise variable)
③ Area of the School: Details in BOQ (within ±10%)
④ Total floor area: Details in BOQ (within ±10%)
⑤ Structure of the building: RCC Structure
⑥ Usage of the building: The School Institutions
⑦ General Classrooms, Science Lab, Library, Common Rooms, Guardians waiting Room facilities.
(Note: Works depends on Budget availability & Donors Requirements)

Article 8 (Tender Application Preparation of Turnkey-Base)
8-1. Bidders are required to use the “Attach Form 1” tender documents.
8-2. The Tender amount which applicants submit is deemed to include the following.
① The construction (Price statements, the Specification, and the Planned process Time Schedule)
② The survey of the land (The cadastral survey and the present condition survey)
③ The application of the renovation & painting works allowance
④ Installing the temporary electricity (Install the electricity distributing board – waterproof)
⑤ The signboard with the present condition of construction (width 1.5m x length 1m)
⑥ Preparing the ceremony of inaugurating after completing the Renovation Works

Article 9 (Tender Cancellation)
9-1. In case that there are tender organization’s unavoidable reasons such as budget revision, the tender can be canceled before notification of winning bidder selection.
9-2. Bidders are not entitled to claim for damages against the ordering Authority when the Tender is canceled.

Article 10 (Submission Deadline)
10-1. Tender relevant documents proving the eligibility of bidders shall be submitted within the deadlines set out in the tender announcement or bidding notice
10-2. The document submission deadline is meant to be the date and time of the tender deadline.

Article 11 (Detailed Works)
11-1. The winning bidder shall conduct the Renovation & Painting contracts at the same time.
11-2. The detailed Renovation period will be determined in consultation with GNB & SAMSUNG C&T_ Samsung Village Project.
11-3. The Company that gets the tender work orders of Renovation total amount will be paid four (4) separate payments after supervision of works.
11-4. The Company that gets the tender work orders will be deducted 10% from the total budget amount if they cannot complete the work on time.

Application Form
Tender draft copy
Four Schools painting work BOQ-1
Four schools painting work BOQ-2