Tender for repair and maintenance work for Multi-Purpose Child and Adolescent Center in Camp-15, Block-D3, F7, G3, G11, H7, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar


Ref. No- GNB/RERP/TENDER /2023/202

Repair and Maintenance Work for Multi-Purpose Child and Adolescent Center in Camp-15, Block-D3, F7, G3, G11, H7, Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar.



Good Neighbors (1991) is an international humanitarian, development and non-governmental organization with membership in General Consultative Status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC). Winner of the MDG 2 award in 2007, Good Neighbors Bangladesh (GNB) is operating 17 Community Development Projects (CDP) and 3 Projects with Specific Program (PSP) in 13 districts for child protection, education, health, women empowerment, income generating activities, DRR and Rohingya emergency response activities. 

Article 1 [Purpose)

1-1. Good Neighbors Bangladesh invites tenderer for the Repair and Maintenance Work for Multi-Purpose Child Adolescent Center in Camp-15, Block-D3, F7, G3, G11, H7; Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar as Emergency support.

Article 2 (Tender Enlist Application)

2-1. Companies that wish to participate in the TENDER should submit and apply to GNB with the following documentation.

  • TENDER Application
  • Up-To-Date Trade License
  • Up-To-Date Income Tax Certificate
  • Vat Registration Certification
  • Bank solvency Certificate (minimum 50 Lakh)
  • Previous constructions documents / List of clients (up to 2.5 years)
  • Brief profile
  • Experience Certificates (Must have a minimum three certificates above 50 lakh taka)
  • Any other relevant papers
  • VAT should be clear before the final bill submission.

Article 3 (Submission Tender Documents)

3-1. Download the tender documents from below

3-2.  TENDER application should be submitted at our head office by Email address in PDF Format.

Email address: procurement@gnbangla.Org before the submission deadline.

3-3. The vendors have to visit the spot physically before prepare & submission quotation & sent spot visiting 2 pictures as proof (Sample copy attached in body).
3.4.  Make sure, that the quotation amount will be binding between to 1-2 % less than tendering amount.
3.5. Those documents have to mail or arrive at the “Good Neighbors Bangladesh” Head Office Address- Plot # 05, Block # A, Swadesh Shornaly Abashan, Purbanchal Express Highway, Barua, Khilkhet, Dhaka – 1229 before the day of Tender submission deadline is in effect.
Note: Every page must have the signature of Vendor in PDF copy. No need to worry if need to send more than one email including all required documents please send several times to us.

Article 4 (Validity of Competitive Tender)

4-1. GNB will award the contract to the tenderer (The number of tenderers will be decided by GNB) for Repair and Maintenance Work for Multi-Purpose Child Adolescent Center in Camp-15, Block-D3, F7, G3, G11, H7 Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar as Emergency support.

If GNB decides to appoint more than one tenderer, the lowest tenderer will be prioritized and other selected tenderers will be offered to agree on the quoted lower rate or decided by the committee and they will get the award on the contract based.

4-2. If we found the same rate from different tenderers the selection process will be gone through lottery among the tenderers or the committee will be decided.

4-3. The tenderers whose quoted amount is lowest and reasonable with GNB estimated cost will be eligible for the tender or the committee will decide.

Article 5 (The Scope of the construction works)

5-1. Project Purpose: Repair and Maintenance Work for Multi-Purpose Child Adolescent Center in Camp-15, Block-D3, F7, G3, G11, H7 Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar as Emergency support.

Article 6 (Bidding Amount Open)

6-1. The tenderer who’s quoted amount is lowest and reasonable with GNB estimated cost will be eligible for the tender and Procurement committee will decide.

Article 7 (Tender Cancellation)

In the event of a tender procedure’s cancellation, Tenderers will be notified by GNB. Cancellation may occur where:

7-1. if the organization has to face any unavoidable reasons, the tender should be canceled before notification of the winning tenderer selection.

7-2. GNB has the right to eliminate any tenderer without showing any reason. So, Tenderers are not entitled to claim damages against the ordering authority when the Tender is canceled.

7.3 Tenderers are expected to examine carefully and comply with all instructions, forms, provisions, and specifications contained in this TENDER PACKAGE.

7-4. Failure to submit a tender containing all the required information and documentation within the deadline specified will lead to the rejection of the tender.

7-5. Who does not follow the Article No.3 will be treated as disqualified.

7-6. GNB has zero tolerance regarding any political and repugnant references or corrupted mentality.

7-7. Power to accept part of a contract: GNB reserve the right, unless the tenderers expressly stipulates to the contrary in the tender, to award batches separately or in any combination.

7-8. Tender Process: Any attempt by a tenderer to influence the evaluation committee in the process of examination, clarification, evaluation and comparison of tenders, to obtain information on how the procedure is progressing or to influence GNB in its decision concerning the award of the contract will result in the immediate rejection of his tender. All kinds of tendering processes will be completed by GNB’s Procurement Committee, and they have the right to cancel any tender for any reason.

7-9. Ownership of tender: GNB retain ownership of all tenders received under this tender process. Consequently, tenderers’ have no right to have their TENDER ’S returned to them. GNB guarantees that tender offers shall remain confidential.

7-10. Notification award and contract signature: The successful Tenderers will be informed by email and over phone that their tender has been chosen (notification of award). The unsuccessful Tenderers will be informed by e-mail within the 15 days following the award.

Within 2 working days following the reception, the successful tenderers will sign, date and send back the contract. The selected tenderers will have to communicate the number and exact references of the bank account where the payments will be executed.

If the successful Tenderers fails to sign and send back the contract within 2 working days, UNICEF and its partners can consider (after notification) the award as null and void.

7-11. Type of contract: The contract that will be concluded between the successful tenderers and GNB is done according to standard contract.

By submitting an offer to this Invitation to tender, the Tenderers accepts contract terms. If any remark or reserve were to be raised by the tenderer, they should be clearly written down in a free format document included in the tender. Such documents should include the tenderer’s proposal to replace the discussed sections of the contract.

7-12. Good Neighbors Bangladesh concerned about the right of children and women and has “ZERO TOLERANCE” policy for any kind of sexual exploitation and abuse.

7-13. Only GNB has the right to amend, edit, and revise on the tender. There is no way to amend, edit, and revise for vendors.

Article 8 (Submission Deadline)

8-1. Tender-relevant documents proving the eligibility of tenderers shall be submitted within the deadlines set out in the tender announcement or bidding notice.

8-2. Document submission deadline is meant to the Date (2nd May, 2023) and time (5:00pm) of the tender deadline.

Article 9 (Detailed Construction)

9-1.Winning tenderer shall conduct the Repair and Maintenance works contracts at the same time.

9-2. The details Repair and Maintenance works period will be determined in consultation with Good Neighbors Bangladesh project Procurement committee.

9-3.  The details full Repair and Maintenance works period will be included in the building completion date.

9-4. The Company that gets the tender work orders of construction total cost will be paid after completion of 100% work, Payment system after the supervision of construction works by GNB staff. Payment will be made by account payee cheque.

9-5. The Company that gets the tender work orders will be deducted a minimum of  5% from the total budget amount if they cannot complete the work on time and any damages that delay the flow of work caused by the tenderer. No consideration for an extension of time.

Article 10 (Cost and Currencies of Tender)

10-1. The Tenderer shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of his tender, and GNB will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs.

10-2. The unit rates and amount shall be quoted by the tenderer entirely in BDT including Profit, Vat & Tax.

10-3. The unit rates and prices shall be quoted by the Tenderer entirely in the BDT-local currency.


Layout & Application Form

Design, BOQ, and other documents

Tender Application Form

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