Education & Protection

Good Neighbors Bangladesh (GNB) works to protect children and youth and provide them with access to education and a safe environment. GNB ensures the primary and secondary education facilities for the children. In addition, GNB also supports infrastructure development through the construction, renovation and maintenance of school buildings. GNB also trains teachers and develops teaching curriculums to improve the quality of education for the children.

GNB runs conventional education at its own schools and after-school centers to support the healthy growth and mental development of children. Besides taking special care for students weak at English and Mathematics, we operate various activities in those centers such as arts, physical education and cultural activities for helping children to pursue their dreams.

In addition to protect children from child labor, child marriage and other child rights related issues GNB emphasis more to establish CRC at its working area.

Primary Education

Secondary Education

Reading campaign and Library program

'Dream project' (Extra-curricular activities)

Lifelong education program

Education Materials Distribution