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Career at GNB

Good Neighbors Bangladesh, the largest field country in Good Neighbors, invites people of all communities irrespective of race, ethnicity, and faiths to explore the professional field of social development and grow together. Staff are encouraged and inspired to take leads and learn by doing. Join us not only for career advancement but also for adding value to your professional career!

How we patronize talents

  • At Good Neighbors Bangladesh, we patronize talents and professionalism in community development through providing competitive benefits packages and creating long-term career paths to bring Good Neighbors Vision to reality.
  • GNB is an equal opportunity-provider and follows principles of non-discrimination and welcomes people of diverse backgrounds with ideas, passion, creativity, enthusiasm, boldness, skill, and culture.
  • GNB considers staff as an integral part of the organization’s growth, and emphasizes career opportunity, fosters long-term career paths, helps employees grow within teams, and recognizes fairly staff’s performance/ contribution by promoting, increment, rehire, reward and appreciation.
  • GNB strives to maintain staff-friendly working rules, paid leaves, and holidays.
  • The staff gets access to planning, organizing, playing leadership roles, and external & international communication. Staff with experience in GNB are getting higher-level jobs in other national/multinational/ INGOs.
  • Line supervisors are available for support, coaching, instruction, clarification, and other relevant supports and emphasize performance- and career-focused management.

Training and Career Development Are Part of the Job:

  • GNB’s strategy and guidelines are open book to all levels of staff and with its bottom-up approaches, it invites inputs and ideas from all levels of staff along with community representatives.
  • Nurtures long-term career path and helps employee grow within the organization;
  • With priorities on onboarding and induction it provides equal opportunity for training and development based on needs, job description, and interest;
  • Emphasizes on career opportunity and provides Career Development Plan/ Target, external and international training;
  • Non-training solution (meeting, supervisors mentoring, and organizational culture) to professional drawbacks – staff are encouraged to develop cross-functional abilities through working in task-force teams and panel roles.
  • Encourages staff development through promotion, increment, transfer, and rehire (project phase);
  • Rewards for acquiring knowledge/skill when specially required by the organization.

Task and Performance Indicators are specified

  • Has specific job description/responsibilities aligned with organizational expected goals, objectives, and KPI;
  • Job Description (JD) based performance management and supervision;
  • Recognize fairly on staff’s performance/contribution by promoting, increment, reward, appreciation, etc;
  • Provide appropriate and timely feedback to staff regarding their performance.

Compensation, benefits and Staff-friendly Working Rules

  • GNB maintains a long-term plan and career-focused benefit packages that include salary, provident fund, gratuity fund, and Staff Welfare Fund (SWF) among other financial compensation;
  • Livelihood/positional allowance/hardship allowance is paid where the situation demands;
  • Benefit packages are regularly reviewed to encourage performance and recognize committed staff;
  • Annual leaves for 15 days excluding public holidays, medical leave, maternity and paternity leaves;
  • Has standards for home office and residential office in special circumstances.

Career-Focused Line Management

  • GNB has specific directions to supervisors and line managers for supportive and career-focused supervision;
  • Supervisors/line managers are available for supports and instruction.
  • GNB senior management recognizes the significance of open communication, encourages discussing job-related problems and suggestions with their supervisor, and gives importance to collaboration and communication.

Access to Global Communication – Global Leadership

  • Good Neighbors (GN) is an international humanitarian development NGO having UN ECOSOC general consultative status.
  • Focused on local to global problems. Good Neighbors exists to make the world a place without hunger, where people live together in harmony and Good Neighbors respects the human rights of our neighbors suffering from poverty, disaster, oppression, and helps them to achieve self-reliance and enables them to rebuild their hope.
  • GNI works in 45 countries with a focus on community development projects.
  • Staff generally have access to international training, workshop, and international communication. 

Inclusive Human Resource Management

  • Announce its vacancy in the national newspapers and/or recognized electronic media;
  • Follows non-discrimination principles to recruit employees regardless of race, gender, religion, color, marital status, national, ethnic origin, and disability;
  • Values diverse backgrounds with ideas, passion, creativity, enthusiasm, boldness, skill, and culture;
  • Encourages women’s involvement in mid-level and strategic level planning.

Staff and Organization Grow Hand in Hand

  • Over the years, GNB and its program management structure and ethical standards are built by the coordinated effort of its staff;
  • Provide a friendly environment to its employees and promote their safety and wellness: for example, during the COVID19 pandemic, GNB has maintained the ‘safety first’ rule by maintaining health rules, provide safety materials, and flexible office management.
  • Staff are encouraged to promote fundamental human rights, social justice, human dignity, and the equality of man, women, and children;
  • Most of the staff of Good Neighbors Bangladesh have been serving for an extended period of time;
  • HR Manual, child protection policy, PSEA Policy, and Gender Focused Guideline are strictly in practice;
  • GNB is concerned about the rights of children and women and has a “zero tolerance” policy for any kind of sexual exploitation and abuse.

Updated in February 2021 by HR Affairs Unit/ASD, GNB