Good Neighbors Bangladesh is a member organization of Good Neighbors International (GNI). It has been operating in Bangladesh since 1996 as an international non-government organization for helping deprived children, their mothers and families through education, health services, economic security, protection, community development, sanitation, and disaster relief projects.GNB is currently serving more than 21,000 children along with their mother and families through 2 urban projects & 12 rural projects and 3 Projects with Specific Program (PSP) in 11 districts in Bangladesh. Good Neighbors International is an international humanitarian and development organization with its headquarters in Seoul Korea, whose mission is to improve the lives of others - especially those of children - through education, community development, health services, sanitation, and disaster relief projects. As the recognition of the social development work, Good Neighbors received the UN ECOSOC general consultative status. In 2007 Good Neighbors also received MDG award for the contribution in Universal Primary education. GNI has carried out holistic development work in over 35 developing countries in the world since its inception in 1991.

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    TVC on Child Rights | Good Neighbors Bangladesh |

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    2020 GNB Fundraising Conference

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    test application

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    Celebrating Independence Day 2019

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