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Education & Protection

Good Neighbors Bangladesh (GNB) focused on “Quality Education,” leading to proactive measures such as seminars and the innovative WordMaster competition. Six GNB Schools initiated substantial student enrollment, highlighting the commitment to accessible education with an increase of pass rate in public exams.

Recognizing the crucial roles of teachers, GNB initiated “Capacity Strengthening Training” conducted by three Master trainers of the Education Ministry. This transformative intervention emphasized a new curriculum and evaluation methods, with quarterly workshops providing recognition and awards to deserving educators.

The “Inter-GNB Schools co-curricular competition” showcased student talents, and the introduction of scout activities enriched the educational experience. Good Neighbors High School, Ghatail, achieved three years of academic approval, marking a significant milestone.

Throughout the year, GNB supported education materials and financial assistance to the students who were at threat of child marriage, child labor, and coming from vulnerable families to prevent dropouts. The year-end intervention concluded by gifting quality notebooks to 58,402 students in 264 GNB Partner schools, reinforcing dedication to their educational journey.

In the pursuit of protecting children, GNB organized 42 child rights campaigns, engaging stakeholders and observing special days. The child protection system was strengthened by collaborative efforts of the community and decentralized “Child Camps” which were held regionally for safety and accessibility.

The GNB Youth Council rebranded as the “Nature and Peace Club,” emphasizing on youth’s roles in protecting Child Rights and promoting peace and environmental conservation. The impactful Urban Volunteer’s Seminar showcased urban youths’ contributions to protecting child rights.

In summary, 2023 was marked by proactive initiatives, transformative changes, and collaborative efforts, ensuring every child’s access to quality education and safeguarding against potential risks.