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In 2023, Good Neighbors Bangladesh proudly secured its position as an executive member of the National Girl Child Advocacy Forum (NGCAF) for the third consecutive term. In collaboration with Educo Bangladesh and NGCAF, we achieved a significant milestone by co-publishing the groundbreaking “STATUS OF GIRL CHILDREN IN BANGLADESH 2021-22,” the first comprehensive document shedding light on the state of girl children in the country.

GNB is proud to be a member of the NGCAF, Street Children Activists Network (SCAN) Bangladesh, CSO alliance, and Bangladesh Sishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF). Taking our commitment further, GNB alongside NGCAF, BSAF, and other esteemed I/NGOs advocated for a dedicated directorate for children and the approval of a Girl Child Harassment law. This collective effort aimed to ensure the protection and well-being of girls, underscoring the importance of legislative measures. 

Embracing the spirit of International Women’s Day and International Girl Child Day, GNB actively participated in nationwide observances, collaborating with the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs, NGCAF, and other peers.