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Income Generation

Good Neighbors Bangladesh (GNB) has been focused on income-generating activities to assist vulnerable women in sustainable development since 2010. The main purpose of the IG activity is to empower women to be self-reliant & raise them and develop their livelihood through Co-operative based Income Generation Activities (IGAs.) Currently, 21 co-operatives consisting of 27,274 members, are operating through Good Neighbors Bangladesh supportive supervision.

In 2023, 9,458 community women engaged in cooperative-based Income Generating Activities (IGAs), focusing on agriculture, livestock, fisheries, and SMEs, fostering self-reliance and contributing to family income.

Expanding impact, GNB established two new cooperatives and a ‘Protibeshi Integrated Agro Farm Social Enterprise’ in 2023. These initiatives created jobs, enhanced the livelihoods of underprivileged women, and promoted self-sufficiency. The success of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) is evident in increased profits, fostering sustainability and ownership among members. 

Government recognition highlighted GNB’s impact, with 16 cooperatives receiving awards in 2023. GNB’s commitment to transparency is reflected in the transition to app-based data management. Actively supporting the formation of a Central Women’s Cooperative Society Limited, GNB aims to facilitate goal-setting, decision-making, risk management, and growth monitoring. Ongoing investments enhanced the capacities of cooperatives, Income Generating Groups (IGGs), and Social Enterprises, ensuring a smooth and impactful operation. Together, we are building a future where women thrive and communities prosper.