Income Generation

GNB focuses on income-generating activities to assist vulnerable groups(women)for the sustainable establishment of their development,which can be undertaken in or near their home.The main purpose of the IG activity is to make women self-reliant and raise them as an income generator, who can improve their family conditions and can educate children.

Main activity of income generation sector is to promote the strategy by making the activity more profitable and independent as a business. It is the formation of revolving the investment fund that finances promising IG activities. The fund is owned and managed by the community to nurture the growth of business entities that create capital in the community. IGA goal is to develop sustainable economy among the target people by reducing poverty, enhancing business capacity, promoting IG group and involve them in different IG activities, increasing the leadership and decision-making skill of the target group, enhancing livelihood status by empowering women’s in Income generation activities.

The main motivation for the development of women and their own reinforcement will be through the development of income generation activities. IGAs tend to give women a higher status within the family which indicates the greater amount of income under women's control, the greater amount devoted to their children's education health and nutrition.In terms of rural poverty reduction and promotion of rural economy, income generation activities empower women and set up consolidation between their needs and problems.

GNB’s IG activities is running under the umbrella of co-operative and operating in to two ways, individually share and savings by using the loan and group base IG activities by using the fund.

Currently, almost 18,000 women are involved with GNB's IG program to become solvent through contributing in the family income.

Income generation activities through the cooperative

Group based income generation (IGG)