Good Neighbors Bangladesh is an international, non-profit humanitarian organization that plans, implements and raises funds for the provision of services in child education, community development, health, sanitation, and disaster relief projects.

Every child deserves a strong start – the best chance for a successful future. But too many children right here in Bangladesh and aren’t getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. Growing up in poverty, kids face tough challenges: hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, violence, social discrimination, and isolation. GNB work for these children and we have sponsorship service. This service focuses on students that belong to disadvantaged, indigenous, and marginalized communities. Our sponsorship service is work for poor children to a sponsor so that they can receive support for fulfilling their basic needs, enhancing their overall quality of life as well as the development of the community they live in.

Currently, we have 20,119 sponsored children. We are committed to fulfilling our sponsored children and their families’ basic needs. We identify Poor students and enrolled in the sponsorship program so that they receive a quality education and better health services and their parents also receive income generation/livelihood support.