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Vacancy Announcement

Good Neighbors (1991) is an international humanitarian, development and non-governmental organization with membership in General Consultative Status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC). Winner of MDG 2 award in 2007, Good Neighbors Bangladesh (GNB) is operating 17 Community Development Projects (CDP) and 4 Projects with Specific Program (PSP) in 13 districts for child protection, education, health, women empowerment, income generating activities, DRR and Rohingya emergency response activities. Good Neighbors Bangladesh (GNB) intends to recruit suitable personnel for the following positions:

Position: Officer (CDP Program)

Position: To be decided later

Job Location: GN Bangladesh Working Areas (Rural)

Objectives of Recruitment:  

  • ·       Giving opportunity to graduated interns for vacant position  

    ·       Developing career of graduated interns by offering greater roles  

    ·       Promoting graduated interns by maintaining recruitment standard 

Who can Apply?

Graduated Program Intern of GNB

Call for Application:

  • Applications are invited from any Graduated Program Intern of GNB
  • Deadline of Application: 28 February 2024 (Wednesday)  

Job Application Format

Application Submission

Send your CV in GNB prescribed format with an application to

Good Neighbors Bangladesh is concerned about the rights of child and women and has “Zero Tolerance” policy for any kind of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse.